ai-studio, was founded in 2013 by the architects Andrea Guilarte and Anna Trillo. It is an architecture and interior design studio based in Barcelona that stands out for the quality, the functionality, the sustainability, the detailed approach and the technical resolution of the projects.
We offer a wide range of services that cover all our clients’ needs, from the primary ideas through the technical project to the completion.
We cover different typologies, from hotels, commercial and residential projects to healthcare facilities.
We have a consolidated international dimension with projects in Madrid, Barcelona, Prague, Milan, Toulouse, Dubai and presence in America.
In 2014 we completed the “Clinica Foianini” Interior Design Project in Santa Cruz de Bolivia, with a unique look in which the patient feels comfortable.


Graduated in Architecture at University of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
Master in Project Management at La Salle University. Master in Architecture at Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC).

PhD in Urban Design at Polytechnic University of Milan. Graduated in Architecture at University Federico II of Naples.
Master in Urban Design at Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC).


PENTHOUSE S | Sitges, 165 sqm

Hand-brushed pine wood and warm white tones give this Penthouse a suspended atmosphere between Nordic and Mediterranean. The kitchen is the open place that unites the two terraces facing the first line of the sea and the mountains, creating a convivial and dynamic spatial continuum.
Sliding panels and integrated doors allow flexible spaces to adapt to the intensity of variable use according to the different occasions, from a weekend as a couple to a meeting of the whole family.

Project: ai-studio | Photo: Angelo Donatiello

PENTHOUSE L | Barcelona, 54 sqm

The Japanese inspiration, interpreted in the sense of praise of the void that allows the absolute flexibility and adaptability of spaces, is the Concept of this house.
The spatial device that materialises this void is the system of sliding panels, “shoji” made by hand, which fluidly and flexibly articulate the space. The materiality of the place is expressed through natural and raw finishes: the delicacy and apparent fragility of the rice paper framed by light frames of wenge tinted wood, the texture of the brushed oak parquet, the palette of warm and earthy tones of the microcement and the stuccos.

Project: ai-studio | Photo: Angelo Donatiello

PENTHOUSE M | Barcelona, 90 sqm

A complete renovation of an apartment in the Sants neighbourhood that opens up the spaces letting the natural light fill up the whole apartment.
The starting point was to open up the spaces and fill up with natural light the apartment, with an open and functional kitchen as the main feature and the layout axis as well as the use of materials.

Project: ai-studio | Photo: Angelo Donatiello


Interior design of meeting rooms and creation and design of private booths. The project consists on two interventions to adapt two meeting rooms to a different use.
The client needed a multipurpose hall with a lot of seats and some booths where private calls could be held.
The proposal uses the corporate colors and sound-absorbing materials to give give the image according to a new company and give response to the user’s needs.

Project: ai-studio | Photo: Angelo Donatiello

FOIANINI CLINIC | Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Private healthcare center with 50 private rooms, restaurant, cafeteria, offices, medical consulting and treatment rooms.
The new Foianini Clinic, planned for completion in 2015, offers a unique combination of public spaces and private patient rooms bathed by natural light.
The association of the light grey wood of the furniture and the carefully selected palette of wallpapers and upholstery creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for the patients.
Visible from the street, an impressive double height hall entrance creates a strong link between the city and the new building, contrasting with the traditional image of inward looking hospital environments.

Project: ai-studio | Photo: ai-studio

CITIZ HOTEL | Toulouse, France

4 Star Boutique Hotel, 64 rooms, tea room, seminar, meeting rooms.
At heart of this restoration of a listed building in the historical centre of Toulouse, the interior design defines an elegant style inspired by the dominant pink color of the town. The mauve tone is the leitmotiv of the hotel decoration in the rooms and the public areas.
The combination of precious materials such as velvet fabrics and gold lamps with industrial finishing as the glass and the natural iron, establishes a dynamic relationship between the historical atmosphere of the building and the contemporary personality of an urban hotel. On the ground floor a cosy and relaxed Tea Room allows the guest to relax whilst keeping a visual connection with the city life thanks to the full-height glass openings in the façade.

Project: ai-studio in collaboration with GCA ARCHITECTS | Acknowledgements: David Bilfeld, GCA ARCHITECTS | Photo: Citiz Hotel


4 Star Boutique Hotel, 80 rooms, restaurant, meeting rooms, terrace. The result of the conversion of an office building into a Hotel, the interior design keeps the visual connection between Plaza Catalunya to the spectacular setting of the internal courtyard overlooking the apse of the Romanesque church of Santa Anna. Combining a linear layout with a vertical development of the common areas articulated in a ground floor and a mezzanine.
The interior design of the rooms, offering a combination of comfort and flexibility, is based on a vivid colour palette and a close attention to details such as the system of red lacquered sliding panels between the washbasin area and the bedroom that allows for differing levels of privacy.

Project: ai-studio in collaboration with GCA ARCHITECTS | Photo: Jordi Miralles


4 Star Urban Hotel, 80 rooms, restaurant, meeting rooms, chill-out terrace. The interior design of this Hotel, located in a new building in the historic centre of Barcelona, defines a contemporary and refined style based on the combination of precious materials such as the silver leaf stucco with fresh colours as light green, grey and silver nuances.
The horizontal lines of the furniture in light oak create on the ground floor a relaxed and continuous space where the guest can circulate freely.
Visible from the street, an exclusive chill-out terrace in the interior courtyard of the building is defined by a sequence of wooden platforms framed by Corten steel panels and vegetal screens of lush bamboo.

Project: ai-studio in collaboration with GCA ARCHITECTS | Photo: Jordi Miralles

SKI RESORT | Baqueira

5 Star Resort Hotel, 120 rooms, restaurant, commercial zone, spa. At the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees, the interior design of this Resort defines the concept of a truly contemporary mountain chalet.
Inspired by the spectacular setting of the mountains, the dramatic décor is based on a warm palette of finishes including natural oak, slate, bare metal and cowhide.
The guest rooms with steeply pitched ceilings and natural materials create a warm and comfortable space where the guest can relax after practising adventure sports.
The common areas include a restaurant display cooking with three dining areas, a SPA and a commercial zone accessible from a separate lobby
in the lower floor.

Project: ai-studio in collaboration with GCA ARCHITECTS | Photo: Jordi Miralles


Aesthetic clinical center, 1.450 sqm, 20 cabins, meeting rooms, offices, training center. Aesthetic clinical center located in the heart of the Eixample neighborhood, articulated on three floors: a ground floor with shop, personalized attention and treatment booths, a first floor with hairdresser, and a basement that functions as a training center. The interiors combine etched glass, clean and reflective, with dark woods, brushed brass and an anthracite gray micro-cement floor. Lighting is prevalently indirect. In this way an intimate and elegant atmosphere is created, able to favor the relaxation
of the clients.

Project: ai-studio in collaboration with GCA ARCHITECTS | Photo: Jordi Miralles




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